Sunday, September 5, 2010

Let's get bloggging

Rightio, so we're finally going to get onto this and start posting a few updates every now and then (hopefully more now than then, or more then than now, who knows???)

We'll start with a background of what's happened over the last 10 and a half months since our first and only post.

Perhaps you want to know who we are, and how we got started? Well you see, it all began when a young lady names Florentina was discovered in an amber fossil; a young gent called Thomas was born from a guitar; young Lucy arrived from the future in a self-made time machine and young Tasman fell to earth from a planetary system far far away.
Somehow, they all ended up in Adelaide at the exact same time, and contrary to nature, liked one another enough to play guitars and bash drums in Lucy's kitchen.

And blimey, that was almost a year ago, so what on earth have we been up to since?

Gigs, avocados, fine wine, alleyways, hastily recorded songs in youth centres, chilli flakes, Ken and Tasty, Goldblum, Rodoju, Bowie fascination, less hastily recorded songs in studios, interviews, Fry and Laurie, tears, flogging freshly picked flowers to the intoxicated, broken noses, cut lips and the ever changing outfits of Doctor Who.

Gigs in pubs, clubs, universities, radio stations, factories, windy Willunga paddocks, overheated basements and most recently, strip joints.

There have been broken strings, broken microphones, broken cymbal stands, broken bass amps, broken plectrums, broken cars and of course, the case of the broken nose (bovver boots aside, I still believe the identity of the culprit a mystery).

Triumphs like being number one on 3D radio (just before the aforementioned broken car breaking down en route to a party gig) were met with grateful glee. We're forever indebted to 3D for helping us at every turn.

Triumphs like having more than four people turn up to a gig (maybe even one or two that AREN'T even our close friends and therefore bound for duty). Oh, and that great craic of finding new friends and bands to make one great big street gang to take on the world together.

And we've been doing all that behind the scenes stuff like actually writing songs. Even enough for playing two sets without repeating, which is a triumph if memories of our first two set gig at the Exeter serve well (a great deal of filler, repetition and feverish practice beforehand).

And, in a moment of inspiration, we booked four tickets to London, and we'll be going over in November to sit in a little flat, play a few gigs and enjoy the sunshine.

So really, a little bit of this and a little bit of that: one might say 'not much' but really, if one thought hard enough - really furrowed one's brow and ticked over all the right cogs and wheels - one might come to the conclusion that rather a lot has happened, actually.

So - here's to more gigs, more blogs and more songs.

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