Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Stuff That Is Happening To Us

It's been a while, folks. But now we heard social media is all the deal so we're getting onto this shit while it's still hot. Maybe we'll get a Tumblr? I don't even know what that is. I read recently that most bands make their money through social media - selling tickets, videos, merchandise, songs and so on - and they do it themselves, so I guess that makes Facebook the new punk, right?
Anyway, here are some updates.
Our next shows are scattered all around, literally, the world. Which is simultaneously exciting, terrifying and really overwhelming. The circus is getting into gear and will be lifting off in May with a little East Coast Tour for our EP 'Panic.' We'll be kicking it all off on Saturday May 5 supporting Damn Terran here in Adelaide at the Grace, then we'll be piling into Clair's automobile and shooting up to Wollongong to play Yours and Owls. I think it'll be good, we're playing with a cool dude Jack Reilly and some Sydney warmongers The Maze. Then we're playing two gigs in Sydney - one at the Lansdowne Hotel and the other, which we're well excited about, at the World Bar with the MUM club night. Then down to Melbourne to play two gigs in one night (18th May) at Gasometer supporting Peep Tempel and then a sneaky 2am slot at Pony. Apparently Pony is really cool and your feet stick to the floor, so that'll be lovely.
We finish it all off with a going away party at Worldsend in Adelaide June 1, cos we're going to Canada and the USA for a couple months! We're playing NXNE in Toronto, then having a holiday in America! That's kinda cool, hope we don't get shot or anything. I heard they have guns over there.

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